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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Tam (Rescued Pigeon) Survives Infecion! Tuesday's Truths WK 199

This is a photo montage featuring a pictorial account of a rescued pigeon. The left side of the montage has a brown talk-bubble at the top and text in it reads:   “I’m calling from the Wild Bird Fund about a fledgling pigeon you brought to the clinic on October 13th. I have good news, the pigeon was released on November 20th, along with 15 other pigeons, thank you for rescuing the bird.”  Below the talk bubble are three small pictures. The top one is a closed holiday-themed paper shopping bag with red handles. The second one is of a pigeon who fell ill and whom I rescued with someone's help. He is a pigeon fledgling. The picture hows him in that shopping bag which was used to carry him to The Wild Bird Fund in NYC. The third one shows him sitting on a tile floor before he was placed in the bag for transport.   On the left side of the montage is a picture of the WBF’s storefront.  The WBF as well as pigeons are just two of many topics featured in my book series, "Words In Our Beak." Info re these books is on my blog @

A little over one month ago (on 10-13-2020), with help of a colleague, I rescued a pigeon (now named Tam) who was in my garden on the UWS of NYC; and took him to The Wildbird Fund (AKA WBF), NYC's wonderful and only bird rehab center. 

I subsequently posted detailed info about this scenario in an entry here on Blogger at that time. The collage directly above gives a pictotial overview of the pigeon's ultimate survival, which  I just learned about yesterday (11-23-2020) and  which I'm now offering as my content for this 199th episode of my Tuesday's Truths series. 

I am most grateful to the WBF and as you may know, this bird rehab place, along with pigeons are just a couple of topics pigeons are included in my three volume book series, Words In Our Beak.

This is a photo of my three volume book series, "Words In Our Beak." Information re the books is another one of my blog  posts @

Thank you dear reader, for holding good thoughts re this rescued pigeon's demise and stay tuned to see if I happen to encounter him again.

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