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Sunday, September 13, 2020

A Way To Conquer Ohrwurms


Upon my seeing the Mourning dove (featured in the picture above) in my garden, I nearly got a case of the ohrwurms (earworms).

As Mashable explains, "...An 'earworm' is the common term for having a tune, or part of a tune, stuck on loop in your head. The scientific name is 'involuntary musical imagery,' abbreviated to INMI. You can also call it 'stuck-song syndrome,' but 'earworm' really does seem to sum up the condition. The term comes from the German word #ohrwurm which has no direct English translation..."

But getting back to the young dove who nearly (and most likely unwittingly) triggered a case of ohrwurms in me, it was my seeing his/her brown eyes that made me think of songs such as Don't it make my brown eyes blue? (Crystal Gayle), You My Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison) and Looking in Your Big Brown Eyes (Bob Marley).

In the event my mentioning these songs to you, dear reader, has caused you to have ohrwurms, I will tell you this, one cure to rid yourself of this situation is to do as Mashable suggests and think about something engrossing... and might I suggest that "something" Mourning doves. They are a bird type who have fascinating stories within volume one of my book series, Words In Our Beak.


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