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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Pablo, the jay, needs a prayer for healing!


Last night when I checked something on FB, I saw a notification that I had received a photo from someone (Gloria Criollo) who is a friend in "real life" and on FB.

Because it is unlike GC to message images I decided to phone her before I clicked on it to see if she had sent me anything as I know people who have had their account hacked these days.

Plus I had intended to phone her anyway due to the Father's Day holiday (today) and because her husband, Pablo, died from COVID-19 (coronavirus) this past April, which is something I mentioned within an entry here on Blogger on April 20, 2020, I wanted her to know she was in my thoughts, always, but especially at this holiday time.

As it turned out, GC had sent me a photo. It is of a bird that she saw crying in the street as the creature stood next to a dead bird who had probably been hit by a car while he/she was on the streets of NYC.

GC, knowing my love for birds and that I knew some facts re rescuing them, she reached out to me, and I. in turn reached out to my cyber-buddy who is a bird rehabber extraordinaire (Amanda Remsberg) and the following is a copy of our exchange on messenger:

Me: A friend of mine sent me this photo of a bird she found on the street. She asked me for his/her ID and I'm not sure. A pigeon? A mockingbird? And she wants to know what to feed it? This friend lives in Queens and I'm not sure about the birds in her area. Her husband died a terrible death from COVID-19 and she is one of the kindest people I know. I hope you can help.

Amanda R: Oh no, so sorry to hear that. That’s young blue jay, he looks very sad.

Me: I was JUST about to msg you and to say on closer inspection he/she looks like a jay. What can she feed him/her?

Amanda: He needs heat before anything else, then if he is hungry, maybe some blueberries, but they should really get him to rehab. Poor kid, I want to hug him!

Me: I want to hug the bird too! I'll try and convince her to bring him/her to The WBF (acronym for The Wild Bird Fund) in Manhattan.

Amanda: Did you guys have a storm? He looks like he got washed down a gutter.

Me: I just spoke to her (Gloria) again. While she does live in Queens, she found him/her in Manhattan looking at another jay who had been hit by a car. Someone who lives near her is coming to my home on Monday and she can bring the bird to me, BUT, what should she do to keep the creature safe in the meantime and to keep him/her warm? She wonders if she should cut the blueberries into smaller pieces and if he/she nes water? What should she put the bird in (container) so her friend can bring him/her to me? Will Monday give us enough time?

Amanda: Heating pad, no water. A shoebox should work with a couple holes.

Me: Ok. I'll call her now.

Amanda: If he gapes, she can feed fresh fruits, soaked dry cat or dog food kibble. She should not attempt to force feed him or drip water into his mouth. Nothing drippy!

Me: Should I tell her to cut the blueberry into small pieces?

Amanda: Yes, chopping the fruit will make it easier. If his feet feel cold, he is too cold, get him warmed up, even a hot water bottle if they don’t have a heating pad.

Me: She has a heating pad.

Amanda: Very good. Unless he is already skinny, he should survive until Monday Or injured, but hopefully he is ok. St Francis look over the wee one. You are the best! Thank you for being there. I’m glad to help.

Me: I'll tag you when the FB post is up. YOU are the best!

Amanda: Thumbs up emoji.

----SO PEEPS, there you have it. A version of bird rescue tele-med and now I'd like to ask you to pray for this sweet creature's survival. We'd like to name the bird Pablo in loving memory of GC's dearly departed husband.

A mutual friend of GC and mine will be coming to Manhattan by car on Monday and she can bring the jay with her which we will then take to The WBF.

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