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Sunday, June 7, 2020

"Words In Our Beak" Gives You A Place to Go


Mooch, Earl and Mason Cooley got this! Reading DOES give us a place to go when we have to stay where we are.

And while restrictions and lockdowns (that have been imposed due to the coronavirus AKA COVID-19) are being lifted, many people for the most part will have to (or maybe should have to).

Therefore, this might be a good time to go where Cam, the female cardinal who narrates the the three volume book series, Words In Our Beak, takes you.


As two reviewers (there are a number of other reviews) said of volume one, "Cam allowed me to fly all over New York City with her, and taught me so much along the way!"

"If you are not yet a bird-lover, you will be after reading this book. Words in our Beak is so enchanting as it follows a little cardinal named, Cam, through the rooftops of NYC and beyond. Cam has so much to share from a bird's eye perspective, it was hard to put the book down. I became enveloped in Cam's world by imagining what it is like to live on a rooftop, choose the right flowers to eat, and listen to the world around in the most intimate, gentle and fascinating ways. Thank you, Cam! I hope to read ever more of your travels in the new year!"

AND as one reviewer said of volume two (there are a number of other reviews), "A beautifully photographed and humorous story of the life of Cam, a female cardinal, and her fine feathered friends in the ever evolving rooftop NYC garden of The Last Leaf Gardener. As with Volume one of Words In Our Beak, I laughed, I learned, and was totally enthralled with this avian’s delightful story of her trials and tribulations of living in New York’ll enjoy it!"

ALSO as two reviewers said of volume three (there are a number of other reviews), "I love Cam, and have come to regard her as a friend since having flown with her through three volumes of Words in Our Beak. Cam has been so generous in imparting her vast knowledge of all things birds, introducing us to her friends such as Emily and Harper, flying us all over New York to partake in its delights and the natural beauty found there -- and never wavering in her friendly intelligence, and patience in teaching so much to novices like me! She soared high though, and her words aren't only for the beginner, but for everyone. She teaches, not only in words, but through presenting her exquisite photographs. What a marvelous experience it's been! Thank you, Cam! Thank you, too, for letting Patricia Youngquist tell your story! I shall miss you."

And "As charming as the first two editions are, this one is now my favorite. The pictures are outstanding and give such a lush and vibrant view of the world of Cam. My 11-year old son and I read this book together as bedtime reading and it was a beautiful way to end the day. I highly recommend this book, and the whole series - Educational and eloquently stated, beautifully and intimately photographed. Bravo!"

Now to reiterate what I've been saying here on Blogger, "During this time where many people are confined to their homes due to lockdown restrictions (re the coronavirus pandemic), these books (whose stories are set in my rooftop garden) are great to have around as a reminder that there is still so much beauty in our fallen world."

It's also good to note that these books make for a great gift to anyone who is a dad, and with Father's Day coming up later in the month, order your copies now to insure delivery in time for the holiday.

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