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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Session 59


Session 59 for #ClapBecauseWeCare (tributes to first responders, health care professionals and essential workers who are keeping us safe during the pandemic) took place a few hours ago (Thursday, May 28th 2020). As usual many people took part in the tribute, but I only took a couple of photographs. One of them can be seen atop this entry.

The other photo features a man named Giuseppe, (seen in the next picture) who is also a regular participant and is usually with his wife, Teresa, when doing so.

(He has taken a video of a session from his window.)

Yesterday started out as a very sad day for me due to my concerns for an extremely dear friend, who is confined to a nursing home and seems to have taken a downward spiral emotionall, which really breaks my heart. Additionally, I had an uncomfortable eye exam that was initially scheduled for a time that was during the lockdown and was moved to June 2nd, which is this Tuesday.

I'm having difficulty concentrating on the new virtual check in policy, which may be due to the circumstances I've just mentioned, as well as due to the fact that I am scheduled for a mouth procedure in two weeks, that is uninsured and will cost 1/2 of what I will receive in SSD monies.

Therefore, I've now made arrangements to postpone my eye exam until the next available time which is not until September, so I hope I will be OK.

Re the mouth procedure, I may have gotten some help with the fee for my upcoming mouth procedure, but it might take sometime before I hear/receive any concrete answer on the matter. So for now, I'm in extreme discomfort in that area of my mouth.

But I'm also stressed out because in addition to grieving for my dear friend, and dealing with medical issues, I still cannot get through to anyone re freelance pandemic unemployment relief, other than my assembly woman's office who only responds to my phone calls with emails that state: "Patricia, I got your message. We are pushing for call backs for everyone who has called about UI. I understand the urgency. We are on the phone with DOL most of the day trying to clear claims. The second I have an update I will let you know. "

PLUS, Blogger, the platform I have used for a number of years (since December 31 2009) to publish this blog is revamping the interface and I don't understand what they are saying about the new platform, in spite of their "help" resources. This matter deeply concerns me as I count on it as means to reach out to the public about my three volume book series, Words In Our Beak...


... as well as means to let the public know about my works of art that are on Fine Art America, and as a means to provide info re the collection of face-masks (pictured below) I've designed which are available via FAA's sister site.

My collection of face-masks can be seen in the following four images (or via the link to view them all together on FAA).

Please note by clicking on a photo (below) for an individual mask, you can read specifics related to it. (Fyi, a press release announcing my masks  was sent out earlier this month) and remember, when purchasing, be sure to read the full description on the product page).


Each mask, made from 100% polyester, is one-size-fits-all using two woven, elastic loops to secure it around the ears.

But getting back to my concerns re my not understanding te upcoming new interface to you know, dear reader, this blog is also a place where people learn about my Vimeo and You Tube videos. Therefore, maintaining the blog is crucial, but it may be quite problematic with the new interface.

AND...  in addition to all my aforementioned concerns, I STILL have crack in my ceiling (that I'm told can't be fixed just yet due to NYC lockdowns). As of now, the crack is relatively small...

...  but it causes me to think of how a small crack (in a different place) became a big crack and ruined my entire living space back in the 1990's.


I did go to physical therapy yesterday, which helped on many levels, and my evening ended on a very nice note because after our 59th #ClapBecauseWeCare session, Giuseppe tossed a baggie filled with homemade Cantucci (seen in the next picture).

This treat is an Italian almond biscuit that originated in "the Tuscan city of Prato. They are twice-baked, oblong-shaped, dry, crunchy,] and may be dipped in a drink, traditionally Vin Santo."

It wasn't quite an "All's well that ends well day," BUT, it was pretty nice to have those perks occur and I'm very grateful.

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