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Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday Follow-Up: Fredia, another PEANUTS's character, celebrates her debut!


This past Tuesday, March 3, 2020, for my 165th segment in my Tuesday's Truths series, I offered my congratulations to Lucy van Pelt who is still going strong after making a debut 68 years ago!

Today as a Friday follow-up, I'm giving a shout on to another one of  Charles Schultz's characters, Frieda, who made her debut 59 years ago today.
Here is what Schultz museums's FB page says about her:

"Best known for her “naturally curly hair,” Frieda was a regular in the strips throughout the 1960s. She played outfield on Charlie Brown's baseball team, which more often than not meant planting flowers on the pitcher's mound and getting Snoopy to chase rabbits. ⁠⚾🌼🐰

"According to Charles Schulz, he named her after Frieda Rich, an artist and friend of Schulz’s from his time at the Art Instruction Schools in Minnesota.⁠

"'Sparky had moved from Minneapolis to Colorado, then to California. The first message I got said, ‘F is the Day.’ The second said, ‘Watch for your newspaper on F Day.’ The third said, ‘March 6 may be the Day.’ Then, ‘A new character is born.’ Sparky sent the original drawing to me after Frieda was born in the strip.' —Frieda Rich⁠"

As many of you know, I appreciate all of the PEANUTS characters as evidenced by the number of blog posts I've published about Schultz and his comic strip.

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