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Friday, February 28, 2020

Beautiful Alternatives to Plastic Bags


Grateful to report I've received a notification from Fine Art America (FAA) that I've sold another tote from my dragonfly image collection (which can be seen in the screenshot from FAA which is posted directly above) to someone living in NYC.

The plastic bag ban will go into affect in our city on March 1st (in 2 days) and while a number of NYC-ers are already carrying totes, they can probably use another and this one is a beauty!

MORE INFO RE this bag sale can be found @

And more info re other dragonfly-themed works of art can be found @

By the way, within my FAA collections, I also have totes that are bird-themed @ and @

I also have ones that are based on my kaleidoscopic images (@

Please check them out and if you are so inclined, share my info with your peeps who are concerned about our environment and may have need for a tote. THANKS!

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