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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

National House Plant Appreciation Day (Tuesday's Truths WK 161)

The official observance for  National Houseplant Appreciation Day has come and gone, but in my mind, house plants and indoor succulents can be celebrated at any time!

A reason the official holiday which is my (Tuesday's Truth for today) is celebrated annually on January tenth (according to National Today) is this:

"By mid-January, most of our various holiday decorations and Christmas trees have made their way out of our homes. National Houseplant Appreciation Day is on January 10 every year, and it reminds us that we don’t have to lose the freshness and vibrancy that plants bring to our homes just because the holidays have drawn to a close. If you have the post-holiday blues, this is the perfect chance for you to brighten up your house with a lovely plant that you can enjoy all year long."

My indoor garden is comprised of plants are a collection of succulents which thrive under grow lights but I have to take them outside or place them in a basin on a regular basis in order to give them water.

At this moment in time I will need to think of a work around for giving my succulents the water they need as I broke my greater tuberosity when I had an accident on January 18th.

I am sure I will come up with a way to water them as it's well worth the effort to do this for my array of succulents; for as National Today reminds their readers, "Houseplants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe, improving the air quality in your home.'

The succulents I have not only thrive under my grow light system and being watered, they seem to do well being in the company of various figurines whom I place there to enhance a given holiday season.

At the moment, because Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, figurines in my succulent garden reflect the spirit and sweetness of the upcoming holiday. This is evidenced in the photograph which is atop my entry and was taken by my dear friend, CF.

She also took a photograph of my other Valentine's Day figurines whom are enjoying volume two of my three volume book series, Words In Our Beak.

My figurines concur, volume two (as well as volume one and volume three)...


... make the perfect gift for your valentine.

Additionally, a selection of images from the book series have been rendered on to notecards which make a nice valentine.


The cards are available via my shop on Fine Art America (FAA).

Moreover, FAA can render these images on to an array of surfaces for wall art (including acrylic, art paper, metal and wood); as well as o n items for personal use.

Just a quick reminder, Valentine's Day is less than one month away, so if you would like to get these items for your true love, please act quickly to avoid delays caused by shipping.

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