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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tuesday's Truths WK 153: The Mandarin Duck May NOT have turned his back on NYC!

Welcome to my one hundred and fifty-third segment of Tuesday's Truths. Today, I feel obliged to share some disturbing news that I found in my feed: "New York, NY — Mandarin Patinkin, a duck best known for making New Yorkers happy, at least for the six months he resided in Manhattan, is missing and feared dead."

I was fortunate enough to see (as well as photograph) this handsome Mandarin duck on a number of occasions when he spent time in Central Park and I recorded many of his antics within entries here on Blogger.

Moreover, I included aspects of his appearance in the presentation I gave at NYSCE (The New York Society for Ethical Culture).

Additionally he is featured within one of my galleries that is located on FAA's (Fine Art America) website, where is image is rendered on an array of surfaces for wall art (including acrylic, canvas, metal, poster paper and standard photo-paper. It is also available framed.

FAA has also rendered my images of the Mandarin duck on items for personal use including spiral notebooks, pillows and tote bags.

Many are concerned over the disappearance of this Mandarin and their outlook re his fate is not optimistic.

As David Barrett a bird expert who is interviewed in the aforementioned article notes the possibility of the duck's return is "certainly is less likely now that most of the duck migration has taken place... I am starting to consider the possibility that he suffered some sort of tragic fate back in March..."

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