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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Today is Saint Teresa of Ávila's Feast Day!


I don't want the day to pass without mentioning today's is the Feast Day of Saint Teresa of Ávila. In bygone years I've written about her in entries that you may reference by clicking here. I especially appreciate her comparing gardening and the process of prayer which I discussed in a 2011 post on here on Blogger.

The image atop this entry has been included in my entries re Saint Teresa of Ávila and it from a page that features many of her quotes, including this one: "I am amazed by how much can be accomplished on this path by being bold and striving for great things. Even if a soul is not quite strong enough yet, she can still lift off and take flight. She can soar to great heights. But like a fledgling bird, she may tire herself out and need to perch for a while."

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