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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sunday's Sentiment: Knowing When to Keep Your Eye On The Birdie and Off the Birdie!

A lone Cormorant seemed to be posing from atop a rock in Turtle Pond as you might surmise from the photo atop this entry.

This creature even seemed willing to show me different aspects of his/her head, beak and body; evidenced in the pictures directly below.

But he/she also clearly indicated when it was time to end the photo shoot as you can see in the following series of photographs.

All kidding aside, this Cormorant was probably not using wing behavior as a way of making signs he/she did not want to be photographed; according to many sources (including The Cornell Lab of Ornithology), Cormorants (after fishing) "stand on docks, rocks, and tree limbs with wings spread open to dry." 

Before I conclude this entry, dear reader, I'd like you to know, this bird type is featured in volume three of my book series, Words In Our Beak.


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