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Friday, May 3, 2019

TGIF (Thank God it's Flowers)

"What a difference a day makes," are lines from the song popularized by Dinah Washington.

And that wisdom is certainly known to anyone who has a garden! Just a little over a week ago, I posted a photo here on Blogger, which features a northern view of my garden (from the vantage point of my doorway) and many tulips known as the Day Dream variety (primarily orange in color) could be seen. A copy of that photo is featured atop this entry. 

Within the aforementioned post, I also include a view of my garden from the vantage point of my facing the doorway and a copy of it showing how the garden looked at that time can be seen directly below.

In any event, in the days following that posting, it rained (heavily) almost non-stop and those tulips lost their petals. BUT passing days make a difference and another tulip variety known as Elegant Lady (pale pink) are now blooming; which is evidenced in the next two pictures (taken yesterday).

As I've said before, an array of tulip types are featured in volume one of my book series, Words In Our Beak, where the stories are set in my rooftop garden and told from the perspective of Cam, a female cardinal, whose picture is featured on the cover of all of the books.

On Mother's Day consider giving the books to someone whose a mom and she'll have tulips and many other flowers throughout the year via the photo-ops in this series.


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