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Sunday, May 12, 2019

"Mother's Day is for the birds."

I have often said, "Mother's Day is for the birds," so I was delighted to see today's Mutts comic strip (a copy is posted atop this entry) in my In Box. I just love Patrick McDonnell's drawings of birds, but that art medium is a talent I do not possess. Thankfully I can take photographs of them and the ones posted below are ones I've featured within this blog before, however because they are images of mother birds with their offspring, I am including them within this post in honor of today's holiday which is Mother's Day.

The following three pictures are of a female Mallard duck swimming in the Hudson River with her ducklings.

The next set of photographs are of mother birds with their off spring and were all taken in my rooftop garden. The first two feature a female cardinal with her little ones followed by an image of a pigeon with her offspring.

My garden is the setting for the book series, Words In Our Beak, where all the stories are told from  the perspective of the female cardinal seen in these photos.

They truly make a nice gift for anyone who is a mother as well as for those who appreciate gardens and/or birds.


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