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Monday, May 27, 2019


I have written about Memorial Day many times here on Blogger; but none of my musings come close to Bramhall's (seen above) and on this Memorial lDay for 2019, l am thinking of how those who lost their lives through war made it possible for me to enjoy the simple pleasures and so-called “little things” in life.
One of them being seeing birds appreciating these aspects which is featured in the next set of images of a house sparrow in Central Park and an European starling, a cardinal, and a Northern mockingbird in my rooftop garden (respectively.)

I have included all of the birds seen here in my three volume book series, Words In Our Beak.


The stories are set in my rooftop garden and told from the perspective of a female cardinal (Cam), who is featured on the covers of each book.

Just as an aside: As of this posting for Memorial Day 2019, Father's Day will be here in less than one month's time; and you may want to consider giving these books to anyone that you know who happens to be a father or a grandfather. After all, Father's Day is for the birds as evidenced by the male cardinal (Mac) seen in the photo below spending time with his daughter (Peanut).

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