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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Today is National Go Birding Day... and it's Saturday in the Octave of Easter

Today is Saturday in the Octave of Easter and has come to my attention that it is also National Go Birding Day. According to a number of sources on the web, this unofficial holiday has always been observed the last Saturday in April.

Perhaps the pigeon featured in my photo atop this entry, where he/she seems to be looking at me from the vantage point of a tabletop in my rooftop garden, thinks of this as a time to go people-ing.

"People-ing," refers to the activity of birds watching humans and it is a term coined by Cam (the cardinal pictured below)...

... in volume one of the book series, Words In Our Beak ... in which all the stories are told from her perspective.


Each of these books provide a great way to go birding, for they feature twenty varieties of  avian creatures who spend time in the garden and a few bird varieties from Central Park, the Hudson River and Long Beach are also included.

But it is really wonderful to have the opportunity to see an avian creature and should you get the chance to do this on National Go Birding Day, it's always a good idea to turn a notebook into a birding journal to remind yourself about your birding activities. I have designed a collection of notebooks that are perfect for this purpose and they can be seen in the images below.

More information re these notebooks can be found within my pages on Fine Art America. In any event, I wish you a fun-filled National Go Birding Day, dear reader!

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