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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The End of the First Week in 2019

Since this evening marks the end of the first week in this new year of 2019, I'd like to tell you that someone from the FB Chat Team re fundraising has made me aware (this afternoon) of how I could post an update to my personal fundraiser.

Before I do this, please let me announce that I am very grateful for the prayers I've received as well as for ones that I continue to receive during my still difficult situation.

Moreover, I'm humbled, amazed, and moved, by the donations I've been given and I hope each of you who participated got my individual thank you message (s).

AND, as I pointed out in my initial description of this fundraiser, I am also most grateful to Amanda Remsberg or her encouragement and "push" in getting me to post this in the first place, especially since the holidays were upon so many people at the time I uploaded this fundraiser.

I spent part of my holidays dealing with the on-going health issues that I've explained and am very thankful to now report that my Christmas Eve's long "visit" with a retinal specialist had a good outcome in that my "precarious" retina is stable for now.

In February, I will be examined by a neuro-ophthalmologist to check the status of my optic nerve and hopefully rule out any complications from my Neurofibromatosis (NF).

One good thing that has come out of this is that I've been able to incorporate my "afflictions" of NF (as well as eyesight issues) and the general public's reaction to them within my presentations about birds; as I now use the insights I've garnered to draw parallels of the actions of people and members of our feathered community.

I'm proud to share with you that a mother (who is also an avid birder) of a well-known actress (whose brother died from NF) and I have been in touch over the years has recently emailed me re my observations saying, "Your insights into human & avian behavior are spot on."

I am thrilled to receive this feedback and it encourages me to persevere in trying to have my book (Words In Our Beak)...


... be placed in more stores and to be discussed within television shows as well as radio programs.

It also encourages me to persist in booking speaking engagements re the similarities /differences on how birds and people respond to issues re their physical appearance as well as in trusting their individual voices.

I've had some success with both of these endeavors but not enough to meet my immediate needs that are mentioned in my fundraiser.

However, that will hopefully change in this new year because it looks as if I will have a marketing intern (at no cost to me) which should expand my horizons.

Plus I have had some success with my photographic works that are on Fine Art America and the marketing person can help with that too!

At this time, with the donations I've received, I've raised $1,540.00 (and given it to my landlord) of the needed $4,750.00 and only need $3,210.00 to complete a medical procedure and stay in my place.

On another note: Shortly after the new year began, I was walking in my hood and happened upon a sidewalk message: Happy New Year! #youvegothis!!!

"You've got this," are the words, the generous-of-heart John G said to me the night of my presentation at The New York City for Ethical Culture (NYSEC).

John is the one who "persuaded" (understatement) me to embrace my NF and limited eyesight within my talks and hopefully, going forward, these discussions will help others.

My noticing, "HAPPY New Year! #youvegothis," written in chalk on a sidewalk near to my home as 2019 begins is hopefully a prophecy.

Meanwhile, my fundraiser should conclude by 1-29-2019 and any help in realizing my financial goal from it will be appreciated. If you don't use FB, there is an option to donate via my blog as noted above the Donate Button located within the left side bar of this blog. --------THANK YOU.

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