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Friday, April 6, 2018

April Showers don't only bring May flowers! (They are an opportunity to stay in and read.)

Today's the sixth day of April for 2018, and so far this month — in NYC — we've had a record number of heavy, steady showers of rain, as well as snow! Channel 7's weather forecast is predicting more of the same in the coming days (as evidenced in the first image atop this entry).

Many New Yorkers are staying dry by staying inside cafés and reading, as seen in the second image atop this entry, where a woman (who identified herself as Shirley) took the opportunity to read portions of Words In Our Beak Volume One.

Other New Yorkers, such as Mark and his colleague, Laura, from Anne et Valentin, took the opportunity to read volume one and volume two of the Words In Our Beak series. They can be seen in the image directly above where Mark is reading volume one and Laura is reading volume two.

Rather you live in an area that's been under wet weather conditions and have needed to stay inside to read; or rather you've been able to enjoy reading in the great outdoors, I highly recommend taking the opportunity to read both volumes of this series. After all, the year of 2018, is The Year of the Bird!


When the third volume of the hard-cover version of Words In Our Beak was released, I withdrew from promoting my former versions of Words In Our Beak. 

The very first one is an iBook and went into Apple's book store in 2015.

This was followed by an ePub version...

... that is available on Amazon and was also published in 2015.

Subsequently, Words In Our Beak's digital versions were published as a soft-cover book (with slight variations) by MagCloud in 2017.

Its press release can be read by clicking here.  

Now with the release of BIRD TALES....

... I've been advised to make mention of my early versions of volume one of Words In Our Beak, they do vary ever so slightly in content from the hard-cover version of volume one.

As of this addendum, I do not intend to create digital or soft-cover versions of Words In Our Beak Volume Two or Words In Our Beak Volume Three.

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