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Saturday, September 16, 2017

They had me at American Oystercatcher!

This past August I received some information from Audubon Society NYC, and it included the image seen atop this blog entry. The correspondence included a narrative stating the following:

Join NYC Audubon, Sadhana: Coalition of Progressive Hindus, Wild Bird Fund and the Linnaean Society of New York at North Channel Bridge to take part in a multi-state effort to improve coastline habitat. The North Channel Bridge area, used by species like the American oystercatcher, is also a stone's throw away from the Harbor Heron Island and the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Help us clear the beach and raise awareness of the importance of coastal areas to birdlife. Limited transportation from Manhattan available.

The North Channel Bridge Beach Cleanup is part of an annual international effort coordinated in NYS by the American Littoral Society ( It is a global volunteer effort to cleanup beaches for the marine life, shore birds, wildlife, and you- the beachgoer. Anyone can participate and it is a great way to give back and spend time outdoors. No other program in New York does more to improve the coastal environment than the International Coastal Cleanup.

Wear: comfortable clothes and close-toed shoes.

I was very excited to receive this news and grateful about the prospect of taking part in an activity to help shorebirds, however, the last sentence, Wear: comfortable clothes and close-toed shoes, has me somewhat unnerved. This is because I have been wearing a boot cast for five weeks, and as you may know, those "shoes" are not close-toed, as evidenced below.

The image you see features yours truly wearing a boot cast that had some bling. This bling was given to me as a belated birthday gift by a chaplain who also took the picture. It really made my cast look elegant and it made me feel I was far along in my recovery.

Unfortunately, it somehow came loose as I was hobbling along, it ultimately came off without my realizing it. I retraced my steps to no avail, so I know that someone out there on the streets of NYC now has it and perhaps it has brought them some hope. In any event, I no longer I have the shiny bling, but I hopefully still have a friendship with the person who gave it to me.

On a related boot cast subject, I have gotten clearance (from my doctor) re my being able to shed the boot cast to navigate without it during the duration of today's event. Moreover, hopefully, I will be able to not have a need to use it in the coming days.

In any event, I'm truly looking forward to "take part in a multi-state effort to improve coastline habitat (in) The North Channel Bridge area, (and I was thrilled to learn that it is) used by species like the American oystercatcher."

As readers of this blog may recall, the American Oystercatcher, is an avian variety that I initially met in the summer of 2016, when I went to Long Beach (in Long Island New York).

The following set of photos feature this bird variety when I saw him/her on my day at the beach.

I'm nearly certain, dear reader, that upon seeing your these images of American Oystercatchers, you will understand why I appreciate this bird.

Because I've never participated in an event like the one Audubon NYC is holding today, I'm not sure of how I might document photographically. Whatever the case may be, I will post a follow up (here on Blogger) re what occurred, so, please stay tuned!

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