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Saturday, September 9, 2017

September evening still can make me feel this way! (Sixth Cycling Trip for 2017)

It is very rare that I let anyone take my picture, let alone pose for one. But this past Thursday, when I was at my foot doctor's (Dr Q) office, I asked his admin person to take a photo (which can be seen atop this entry) of me wearing my boot cast, as it's my fifth week of having to do this. 

I truly detest getting my picture taken. I suspect one of the reasons for my feeling this way is due to the fact that my mother took so many of photos of my sisters and I when we were growing up. 

Moreover, her she used her photographs to support her own conclusions on how we were feeling at a given moment. 

Another reason that I hate having my picture taken is that I'm not photogenic. I don't like the camera; and the camera does not like me. My facial features do not lend themselves to attractive images. My left eye turns so far inward that I was once told that I look like a dog going blind.

Additionally, one result of my having Neurofibromatosis Type-1 (NF-1) is there are hundreds upon hundreds  of neurofibromas (that are bump-like in their appearance) all over my face. Someone from my church remarked that I would be such a pretty girl if I didn't have so "many things on my face."

I hear remarks about "the things on my face," on a frequent basis and it is NF (no fun)! So I hardly want to look at pictures of myself and see all those bumps on my face.

For this reason, I covered my face in the image that my doctor's admin took of me. And as I've said I do not let people take pictures of me, however, I was caught off guard last evening! I had just entered the building where my tandem cycling captain (ZW) lives. I was meeting her for our sixth ride of the 2017 season, when from out of nowhere, Cheryl, a woman who works there appeared and asked if she could take my picture —  but before I could say no, she took it, and was kind enough to email it to me today with the caption, Absolutely beautiful.

Cheryl's picture of yours truly can be seen directly below.

I think Cheryl was surprised to see someone wearing a bike helmet and a boot cast but I was doing this as I've been ordered by my doctor to carry as little as possible during my recovery. It seemed easier to wear my helmet as opposed to carrying it. My intention was to leave my boot cast in ZW's place and put it back on again when we finished our ride.

Dr. Q thought cycling would be a good way to get my blood flowing properly and be an exercise that would not be putting stress on my injured foot.

This welcome news to me as ZW and I had not cycled since July 25th, when did our "standard" route which is to cycle up the westside greenway that runs parallel to the Hudson River and have a picnic on the grounds in close proximity to The Little Red Lighthouse.

On that evening I only took one picture during our ride, and that was of The Little Red Lighthouse. I have a number of photos of this structure, but none with the light shining from within this lighthouse. 

My image from that night can be seen below.

It is a picture that you might recognize, dear reader, because I featured it in a prior entry here on Blogger when I wrote about National Lighthouse Day.

But before we got to The Little Red Lighthouse, we came upon an interesting "installation" of sculptures, which can be seen in the next set of images.

The bridge which can be seen in the last image, within the series above, is The George Washington Bridge, and it is referenced in the book, Words In Our Beak Volume One.

The Little Red Lighthouse is underneath that bridge. In any event, last night, ZW and I rode beyond that lighthouse and continued on to Inwood Park, a place we cycled to on May 24th 2017.

However, before we did this, ZW and I tried to imagine who created the installation of sculptures that we had come upon; but there was no sign of an artist's credit. The only sign was one bearing a stern warning re the sculptures, as evidenced in the next set of photographs.

I've added markings to the last picture above to give you some perspective re this installation. The square indicates an unknown cyclist but offers a sense of where this part of the greenway is in relation to the Hudson River. The arrow has been added to draw attention to a note posted in front of the installation.

It appears that all of the figurines included in the installation are taken in by the many sights in the area, including that of a tugboat, as evidenced in the next set of pictures.

Tugboats are a familiar vehicle making a journey along the Hudson River. They are such an integral  part of the area that an annual event is held in their honor! This year that event took place this past Sunday, September 3rd 2017, and I featured info re the occurrence on one of my Facebook Pages, where the following image was included.

Be that as it may, and getting back to my tandem saga, after ZW and I tore ourselves away from the beauty of the installation we headed up to Inwood Park, where we encountered another beautiful sight; a September sky:

These are only a few of the gorgeous September evenings sightings ZW saw on our ride. We even encountered a skunk as we made our return trip down the greenway.

Neil Diamond may sing, "September morning  still can make me feel this way . . .;" but after the sights I saw last evening into the night, I'd be tempted to sing "September evening still can make me feel this way . . . "

And when we returned to our starting point, I even posed for a photo! After all, how often will I be wearing a boot cast and a bike helmet at the same time!

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