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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Here's Tuesday's Truth for Week Forty-Nine Young birds & fledglings love having grapes!

Welcome to the forty-ninth week of my Tuesday's Truths. Today's post is dedicated to young birds (or should I say fledgings) including an European starling (pictured above — eating a grape— in my rooftop garden).

This little bird and I have something in common: We both appreciate grapes. Only I appreciate my grapes after they are "transformed" into a glass of wine!

And because I know how much I enjoy a glass (or two) of vino, I always make sure that I have placed grapes for my visiting birds in either a bird feeder (such as the one above) or on a saucer (such as the one below), where a young American Robin has grabbed one and is enjoying having his/her own grape.

The young Northern mockingbird is a bit more apprehensive about indulging (as evidenced in the next set of images); perhaps he/she is a bit intimidated by the other birds who are visiting my place.

I don't blame the Northern mockingbird for being cautious about partaking in the eating of a grape!

After all, perhaps he/she has heard the news re how those who grow grapes in vineyards for purposes of making wine attempt to keep birds away from their grapes by employing falcons to take care of starlings, robins and mockingbirds!

But my garden is not a vineyard, nor do I have a falcon on hand to rid my garden of any avian visitor.

In fact, I welcome all members of the fauna community by planting flora they enjoy, and, by offering them foods that they love, including grapes. I'm not that kind or altruistic, for I derive much pleasure in watching a bird discover a grape.

And I hope you will too, dear reader, as you look upon the photographs posted below of an American Robin, as well as a European starling (respectively), interacting with a grape, as they carefully check out their surroundings.

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