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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday's Tandem-Cycling Tale: A NYC Sunset (Ride 4 for 2017)

The last time I tandem cycled with my captain, ZW, was this past Thursday evening, June 8th. We rode up the greenway from an entrance in the West Village area, to The Little Red Lighthouse and surrounding picnic area. We usually do longer rides, but the air quality was very poor that evening, so we kept it short.

In any event, one of he sightings from our picnic spot was a lone kayaker, making her way south down the Hudson River. She is featured in the images atop this entry.

Because the distance to and from The Little Red Lighthouse, when starting out from the West Village, is a rather short ride for us (see map by clicking here), we finished early enough to park the tandem,

and watch the sunset from the vantage point near to where we began that evening's ride. The following is a set of images of what we saw while the sunset on June 8th, 2017.

Looking southwest (a view that includes The Freedom Tower):

Looking southeast (a view that includes a lone boat on the river and some Jersey buildings):

Looking north (a view that includes a docked-until-an-alarn-rings  FDNY "boat-style fire engine):

Looking west: (a view that included a helicopter making numerous circles and loops around a specific area in New Jersey):

And yet another westward view:

And, just incase you in doubt that we were looking westward, a prominent glaring W, acts as a compass:

That's it, dear reader, re my coverage of tandem tales for ride four. Stay tuned.

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