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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday's Truths Week 27: GOOSEBUMPS (What's a goose got to do with 'em?)

I've seen members of the Canadian Geese (such as the guy/gal picture top this entry) family, when tandem cycling on the portion of the green way that runs parallel to The Hudson River in NYC.

And I've also seen them in Riverside Park as well as Central Park, which is where the image posted above, as well as those posted below were taken.

The last time I saw a goose hanging out in NYC, I let my mind wander and found myself wondering how the term goosebumps came into being.

According to Wiki, "the phrase 'goose bump,' derives from the phenomenon's association with goose skin. Goose feathers grow from stores in the epidermis which resemble human hair follicles. When a goose's feathers are plucked, its skin has protrusions where the feathers were, and these bumps are what the human phenomenon resembles."

And now, I know, and so do you, dear reader, just how this bird type became associated with the term, goose bumps. If you would know more, I recommend that you check out the aforementioned Wiki link.

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