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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ground Hog Day: One Week Later

It's been one week since Groundhog Day; and, as you may know dear reader, on that day, the NYC creature, a groundhog named Staten Island Chuck, did not see his shadow! Hence, this fact meant that he predicted an early onset of spring; as seen in the You Tube video which is posted atop this blog entry.

However, on this one week anniversary of his early spring prediction, nine inches of snow fell in Central Park, which is near to where I live in my studio apartment. I have a terrace garden (on a rooftop) at my home, and, it is a place where I grow a variety of flora. It is also a place which is visited by an array of fauna.

The following images show how three of my bird feeders (one of them, a "wreath style" feeder is indicated by an orange arrow in the first image, which includes one of my "house-style" feeders.

looked after the snowstorm. As you can see, it appears that my place received close to the same amount of snow as the nearby park. I'm very happy to report that the heavy snowfall did not deter birds from visiting my place, nor did it stop them from partaking in nourishment!

Prior to the onset of the storm, I made sure that my suet-cake baskets (that are hanging in various places in my garden) were filled. I also moved saucers that are filled with berries and other goodies for birds, and placed them underneath shelves and stools so that their food wouldn't get buried by the snow.

An American Robin as well as a Northern mockingbird seemed to appreciate my accommodations, as evidenced by the following pictures, respectively.

Additionally, I was visited by a few dark-eyed juncoes (one can be seen below)

and a lone mourning dove, the mourning dove spent his/her time on my garden's rail, instead of availing him/herself of my "shelter."

He/she was joined by throngs of house sparrows; and also throngs of European starlings — when they weren't busy eating suet cakes! All of this can be seen within the photos below (respectively).

After my day of delighting in the antics of birds, a couple of shy bluejays stopped by for some peanuts, one hid behind the feeder which I featured in the second photograph of this blog entry, but his/her blue coloring could be seen, despite his/her attempts to hide, as seen in the picture below.

However, he/she was less camera shy when at my other whole peanut feeder (the feeder that was indicated by an orange arrow in the first picture accompanying this blog post), which you can see in the following picture.

And maybe the nourishment was what he needed for soon after eating, the jay burst into song, with peanut in his/her mouth, doing a spin on Singing in the Rain — replacing the lyrics with singing in the snow!

I'm truly grateful to have spent the week's anniversary of Groundhog Day in such good company!

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