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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving is one week from today!

Thanksgiving is one week from today! The characters who have visited my home during this time period over the years, are back to warm my heart and home with their ideas about life. The photo atop this blog entry features a Thanksgiving scene currently taking place within the shelves of an armoire that I call my story-box. This piece of furniture is in my main living area. Regular readers of this blog, or of my entries on tumblr and hometalk, as well as my posts of Facebook, know that the story-lines created by the characters visiting me, change with the seasons and given holidays. In any event, this year my whimsical characters are spending Thanksgiving within a grove of candy-corn trees where quails like to be, as a moon watches over them. This is evidenced in the top half of the image.

All of the characters spending time in the proximity of the candy-corn tree grove have been coming here for a number of years; with the exception of the love birds who love birds. The two of them are wearing black bomber jackets and can be seen in the close-up photo posted below.

You might recognized them, dear reader, as I've featured them in my cyber-venues, including a post here on Blogger this past February. The Thanksgiving-themed characters that are socializing behind these Love Birds have all been coming to my place for nearly five years! Each of those characters has spent time in the armoire and in my indoor garden of succulents.

The pilgrims riding a turkey (one can be seen at the left of the Love Birds and one can be seen at their right), were featured in entries on Blogger, tumblr and Facebook. A closeup of them can be seen in the following image.

In their earliest years of visiting my place, the turkey-riders confined their antics  to my succulent garden.
Photos of this can be seen below.

Moreover, they were included in a series of "articles" I wrote for hometalk (HT). One piece featuring them is called Thanksgiving Decor (Using a Cast of characters) Part Four and in it, I shared their reason for riding turkeys as a mode of transportation stating: "Both of them have been highly concerned about the fate of a number of turkeys and especially at Thanksgiving time. Their attitude towards the beloved turkey reminds me of how Fern felt about the pending slaughter of her pig, Wilbur, in E.B. White's classical book, 'Charlotte's Web.' And because my visiting pilgrim twins could not bear the idea of seeing the turkeys they loved being killed, they came up with a plan to get the turkeys out of town before the hunters arrived: they rode the turkeys to my succulent garden in the hopes that the hunters would think the turkeys were horses intended for transportation!"

The  HT entry, I've just referred to also includes coverage of the turkey-riding pilgrims' children. Their kids can be seen in the image atop this entry. Each child is standing to the right of his/her turkey-riding parent. Close-ups of these kids can be found below.

Also in the picture atop this post you can see an Indian alongside either pilgrim child. The following images feature close-ups of these Indians. 

These Indians are featured in my story on hometalk  titled, Thanksgiving Decor (Using a Cast of Characters) Part Five. And last, but hardly least, re the characters  featured in the photograph atop this post are my fraternal Candy Corn twins. 

They were featured in a very recent entry here on Blogger as they always come for Halloween and stay through the Thanksgiving holiday! Below are some pictures that you might recognize as they have been featured in recent posts re the Candy Corn Twins during the days surrounding Hallowee


However, the Candy Corn twins were included in a non-Halloween entry for HT soon after Thanksgiving (a few years ago) in which they advocated for their candy-type. Their story is still available on HT and is titled, NOT SO FAST (Enjoy Thanksgiving FIRST).  

Each of the figurines mentioned in this entry were all procured to fulfill my assignments for hometalk, and they come from a little shop known as More & More Antiques.

As you may recall, dear reader, Steve Mohr, the sole proprietor of that shop seems to be a big admirer of my fauna-flora-insect-themed postcards; and as of last Monday ordered some from me to sell there! More & More Antiques is located at 378 Amsterdam Avenue which is in Manhattan's UWS. Their phone number is 212-580-8404. PLEASE mention my name, Patricia Youngquist, if you happen to go there.

Meanwhile, all the best to you and yours as you prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

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