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Monday, November 21, 2016

People Watching is for the birds & balloons: 03 DAYS UNTIL THE PARADE

Smurf, when rendered into a balloon for The Macy's Parade, can be quite the voyeur! This is evidenced in the image above, where he can be seen looking into the window of a NYC residential apartment building as he made his way along the parade's route on Thanksgiving Day in bygone years.

Smurf claims he was inspired to do this upon seeing Mac, Cam's husband peering into a window of an apartment building, which can be seen in the following images.

These photos may look familiar to year, dear reader, as they were once included in one of my entries on The Last Leaf Gardener's Facebook Page. The images are also featured in both the iBook and ePub version of Cam's book, Words In Our Beak.

In any case, I must say that Smurf is not the only balloon who people watches via the windows of residential apartment buildings along the route; a number of other balloons do this also! This is evidenced in the following pictures taken in bygone years of characters who will be also participating in this year's parade. They include The Elf On The Shelf, Kit 'n Cj who are Macy's Christmas elves, Skylander's Eruptor, Pikachu, Happy Hippo, Wimpy Kid, as well as Harold (the police-officer). Each of them can be seen (respectively) in the photographs posted below.

And, I'll leave it there, dear reader, but not before a reminder, The Macy's Parade is three days away!

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