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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Halloween Decor in my Garden + in my Hood

In two weeks it will be Halloween and in honor of the holiday, Juan V helped me do a bit of decorating in my urban garden that is on a rooftop in NYC. Some of the decorations he placed can be seen in the pictures that is atop this entry. The image features pumpkins dangling from my Continus Coggygria AKA Smoke Bush (seen in the left hand portion of the image). This picture also shows a partial view of pumpkin lights climbing on a trellis that is the “playground” for my climbing white roses.
The picture below features the same subject matter, but from a different angle

The next picture shows pumpkin lights climbing on my Avellana corylus AKA Contorted Hazelnut.

My apartment is on the back of my building and I’ve never seen any Halloween decor on the surrounding buildings, but I’ve seen plenty of it on the fronts of various brownstones. Some examples of this can be seen in the following pictures.

And you dear reader, do you, or do folks near to where you live decorate for Halloween?

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