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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Down by Hudson's Riverside

New York City has seen record-breaking temperatures over the past few days. We've reached the eighty degree mark and beyond, surpassing October weather records set in 1928. This is something I mentioned in Wednesday's blog post when I reported that a Jack-O-Lantern had spent too much time in the sun while visiting my rooftop garden. I've truly had wanted to go to Long Beach over these summer-like days, but, alas I had to take care of matters on the home front.

However,  yesterday, I was able to go down by the riverside and when I did, I discovered a number of seagulls had done the reverse commute on such a lovely day: instead of being at the beach, the gulls were city slickers, enjoying the waters of the Hudson River and the piers in Riverside Park!

And I was able to visit a bird who is only in the city until May of 2017, the bird I'm referring to is called "Bird of Glory and Praise," and can be seen in the following pictures.

"Bird of Glory and Praise," has been created by Shelia Berger and is part of this year's Model to Monument sculpture exhibit along a stretch of the Hudson River's bank that expands from West 59th Street to West 70th Street and is sponsored by The Art Student's League. 

2016 marks the sixth year for this annual exhibit, and evidently (according to The Westside Rag), this will be the last one! My discovering this unwelcome fact — re Model to Monument — makes me all the more grateful that I took advantage of the opportunity to spend time down by the riverside yesterday; where I was also greeted by exquisite fall foliage.

On the evening prior to my riverside visit yesterday, a friend and I  had gone to a pier along the Hudson to have an evening picnic. The sunset had been spectacular (as seen below) causing me to want to return to the area!

Spending time at the Hudson river's bank, I can certainly see how advantageous it is to lay one's troubles Down by the Riverside

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