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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday's Truths Week Seven: More people are born in August than any other month.

Today, August 30th, marks the seventh week of my Tuesday's Truths series. It's also the last Tuesday in August, so I should point out this truth: more people are born in the month of August than any other month of the year! I'm one of those persons, and am very grateful to CDDS and FRG, as well as his mother, Ruthie, for giving me a very special birthday celebration last week,  a  couple of days before my birthday. After they took me for a short trip to the Atlantic Ocean, where I encountered sandpipers known as the Least variety, we headed back to FRG's mother's house for dinner followed by a birthday cake. Alas, it was not the cake pictured here, but I was caught up in the celebration and did not take a picture of it! Hence I'm using this web image by an unknown source, for the candles featured in it remind me of a shopkeeper who constantly says, "Don't ask me my age, how much I weigh, or how much rent I pay."  — And that's something to keep in my mind with this Tuesday's truism, no matter what month in which one happens to be born.

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