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Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th 2016

It's a rather quiet Fourth of July for me as I'm still recuperating, but progress is being made. In bygone years I've gone to NYC's Macy's Fireworks, but this year I'm laying low. However, I do have the company of my patriotic figurine-friends. Placing them in my kitchen (photo one), where I also have my succulent garden (photo below) makes me feel a little like Laura in Tennessee William's play, The Glass Menagerie.

The activity of putting these characters in strategic places in my kitchen as well as my main living area (photo below) helps me to keep my creative juices flowing and distract me from my woes.

I truly realize I've much to be grateful for, and I definitely called my blessings to mind this afternoon when I took a walk and ran into Mathilde, a holocaust survivor who lives in my hood. (She can be seen in the picture below.)

We spoke about Elie Wiesel, the holocaust survivor who died in his NYC home this past Saturday, July 2nd. Mathilde knew Mr. Wiesel because he was in the same camp (Buchenwald) that her husband had been in. She told me that she was in hiding at the time, but her husband was killed at Buchenwald two months before it was closed on May 8th of 1945. She recalled that her husband was twenty-five years old at the time and that Elie Wiesel was much younger. She also remarked that the man who was pope at the time “turned the other way,” and she is quite impressed with the efforts of the current pope. She is someone who is most thankful for what Independence Day is SUPPOSED to represent, and is truly an amazing lady! I’m always grateful when I see her!

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