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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Seductive Looking Easter Bunny Causes Irish Eyes To Smile!

The day before yesterday — here on Blogger — I introduced you to a a girl who is visiting my succulent garden for Irish American Month. And yesterday she introduced me to one of her traveling companions, who happens to be a musician.
Both of them are well acquainted with an Irishman, who has also been traveling with them. And they've told me that he has a thing for the ladies. He can be seen here (in the image above) with an Easter bunny, who has arrived to help prep my succulent garden for Easter, which is only nineteen days from today!
She was doing some watering in my succulent garden, while wearing some very skimpy clothing, as she had a case of Spring Fever now that the weather is warming up a bit!
You can see that her attire — or lack of attire — was appreciated by the visiting Irishman, whose Irish eyes were smiling!
Like my visiting bunny, I also got a bit motivated by the warmer temps, as well as the weather reports, that announced the prediction of even warmer ones coming our way!

Just last week we has a dusting of snow that settled on the flora in my garden  (image directly below), which was still wrapped in their winter duds, enjoying the extra chance to snooze, and continued to do so after the snow melted (second image below).

But yesterday,  following the lead of my green-thumbed bunny, I unwrapped all my flora, but I did wear a little more than my bunny did while I performed my work. Besides I am of the age where no one's eyes would be smiling if I dressed like she did.
In any event, even though I did get everything unwrapped (image below).
However, I will wait for Juan V to help me place my flora. Therefore, for now, most of my flora is still huddled together, as they have been since early December 2015, when I winterized them.
And you dear reader, what's the weather doing in your area? And if you garden, how is the weather affecting what you grow?

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