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Monday, November 25, 2013

Antics in my Indoor Succulent Garden (MOSTLY) #2

This is my second post re my effort to distribute my blog content across the board as I discussed in a prior post here on Blogger. My focus in my other blogging venues (tumblr and hometalk) — with a slightly different take in each one — continues (for the most part) to be on the comings and goings of visitors to my succulent garden as they pertain to Thanksgiving; which is in four days time including today (November 25th 2013).

Because of this fact re the holiday, a few more guests have begun to arrive in my succulent garden and their photo-ops can be seen within this entry, for as you may recall, in a recent entry here on Blogger, I featured photo-ops (and stories) of some characters who had arrived to visit my succulent garden for the 2013 Thanksgiving holiday. Since that time, a number of characters have come to join us and their photo-ops are as follows:

As for my roof extension garden, I am thrilled to report that Emily (my visiting Baltimore oriole) is still here. She can be seen below in photo-ops that were included in a recent entry on TLLG's FB Page.

Other birds continue to visit my garden and I appreciate the antics of most all of them, but for now my cyber-postings have focused on Emily because it is most unusual for her "breed" to be in the northeastern portion of the United States at this time of year. In fact, "Baltimore Orioles are mostly in the tropics, though a few individuals linger, even in the northern states and provinces. No one knows why some individuals are stragglers every year--most of these are seen in November and December, so ornithologists believe most of them end up dying as winter gets more severe." (More info can be found by clicking here.)

Therefore I've been posting photo-ops and stories re her stay here in an atempt to procure info on how I might help her survive.  

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