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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cures for the Last Straw Moments?

According to an on-line dictionary, the meaning of an expresion known as "the last straw" is this: "the last of a series of annoyances or disappointments that leads one to a final loss of patience, temper, trust, or hope." 

And I must confess that since my last posting here on Blogger, I have had a number of such experiences, all of which have demanded my full attention and kept me from posting here on Blogger! Fear not, dear reader, I have no intention of burdening you with the details of my scenarios, for I am in full agreement with something which was once said to my mother, which is this: "we all have our private  hell . . . "

All I can say, as humorless as I have felt, I'm grateful to have my sense of humor back (or at least I have it as of this posting) and since I call myself The Last Leaf Gardener, have placed a vase of straws (pictured above) in my succulent garden as a reminder that even last straw moments dissipate.

Meanwhile, I hope that those of you who live in the area affected by Nemo (the first nor'easter of 2013), have recovered from any damage that you and yours may have suffered as a result of that storm, a storm which occurred a few days after my last posting here on Blogger (at a time when one of my visiting cardinals, as well as a one of my visiting mourning doves were enjoying the snow)!

The main damage for me was to my "Chelsea" Larch, whose shape has been considerably altered as you might surmise from the photo-op (also featured on TLLG's Facebook Page) posted below.

This larch had only been in her new digs (container) since December of 2012 and, even though she is now back to a vertical position, I will have to wait until Juan V returns in the spring to determine her fate!

However, some of my last straw moments were "comforted" by visiting mourning doves who did enjoy my garden during the storm as evidenced by the photo-ops below.

I suppose, dear reader, that you will agree that seeing mourning doves enjoying life to the fullest is a good cure for being broken in spirit by last straw moments?

Yet, for me, another "remedy" for moments hampered by the last straw (during February of 2013) were visits by figurines to my succulent garden! They came here for the Valentine's Day "holiday" and some of them can be seen in the photo-ops below.

Moreover, these "guests" and their "friends" (some are not pictured here) were featured in a "story" on TLLG's tumblr pages, for, as you know if you follow any of my cyber-space venues, decor and ambience in my indoor succulent garden have caused what I grow to thrive, as I discussed in a guest post for My Square Foot Garden!

Even Lucifer, a frog who occasionalvisits my succulent garden, found joy (in the form of a gal pal) in my Valentine's Day guests as seen below.

The Valentine's Day "guests" left the other day, but the little princess stayed behind with Lucifer as did the whimsical spirit the "guests" brought to my succulent garden! In any event, dear reader, I hope you and yours have been well during yet another one of my hiatus from Blogger; and I do plan to be posting regularly, even though "they" say, if you wanna make God laugh, tell Him your plans!

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