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Monday, January 21, 2013

"Consider the birds . . . "

Long ago, it was written to "Consider the birds . . . they do not toil . . . .," and, I TRULY need to take a lesson from my feathered friends! here on Blogger.
I say this because I JUST completed a series of posts (SIXTEEN TOTAL) here on Blogger.The sixteen entry series spans posts from January 5th 2013 through January 20th 2013, and is a pictorial with narrative, year-end review (2012) of "events" in my urban (NYC) garden, many of which involved the antics of my visiting birds.The cast of characters can be seen in the image above today's tumblr entry, their identities are as follows: 
Left to Right:
Row One:     Snowbird, Chickadee, Common Grackle, Female House Finch
Row Two:    Blue  Jay, Cam (female Cardinal), Tufted Titmouse
Row Three: Mourning Dove (Cam), Male Cardinal
Row Four: Dark-Eyed Junco, Male House Finch, Downy Woodpecker, Female House Sparrow
However, upon completion of my last entry in the series, I realized I did not do much "relaxing" in my garden and hope in the years to come that changes! How about you, dear reader, do you relax in your garden OR "take time and smell the roses," as "they" say? 

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