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Friday, November 16, 2012

Thank God It's Friday (TGIF) AND For Many THINGS

Part of my morning routine is to read Mutts, the comic strip by Patrick McDonnell, a comic strip which I have referred to a number of times here on Blogger, and if you'd like to refer to entries regarding this, please click here

Meanwhile, Mr. McDonell's "episode" from Monday, November 12th, is posted above today's blog entry. I adore all of McDonnell's characters as well as the "stories' of occurrences in their daily lives; but I was particularly touched by the one I'm featuring above today's blog entry due to my appreciation for all the birds which visit my rooftop garden.

As anyone who follows TLLG here on Blogger, tumblr, or Facebook, knows, I have been thrilled by the birds which visit my garden, and I have been saddened whenever Cam (one of my visiting cardinals) disappears for prolonged periods of time. I have posted her picture below for those of you who may be new to TLLG's venues.

Moreover, if you'd like to read "stories" about Cam's antics, you may do so by clicking here for entries that have been published here on Blogger; or here for posts that have been written about her on tumblr. 

Additionally, you may click here to view a Virtual Story (mini movie) which features a number of photo-ops "showcasing" her.

In any event, whenever Cam disappears, my reaction is very much like Mooch's — the cat — in McDonnell's comic strip, I don't wonder if it was something I said; rather, I wonder did I frighten her somehow? Did I leave too much food or not enough? Did I not plant "things" that attract birds? Did I not clean her feeder throughly? And, also, in my saner moments when I realize her absences may have little to do with me, I always worry that she has been injured and that I could've of devised a way to insure her safety. 

My reactions are clearly tied in with my abandonment issues re having a father who left our family when I was quite young and a mother who insisted if I talked to him in the "right way" he'd return, which he never did.
Be that as it may, in spite of my psychological issues with prolonged absences and abandonment, I mostly try and focus on how thankful I am to have birds in my garden! 

And since today is Friday, a day often associated with "TGIF," my birds agreed that they would also share the things that they are thankful for and did so by posting captions under images I took of them and that are posted below.

Female House Finch: TG — I can multi-task! (EAT AND POSE!)
Red House Finch (Male): TG My food doesn't get soggy in the rain!
Mourning Dove: TG for some time to myself!
Blue Jay: TG  I read the instruction manual re this feeder!
Red House Finch (Male): TG — "Other Birds" Spill Seeds! 
Tufted Titmouse: TG — A "Container"  Where I Can Stretch my Aching Blue Feet!
Female House Finch: TG — For Beautiful Lemon-Lime Cypress Branches!
Cam (My Lone Female Cardinal): TG Leaves to Hide Behind!
Mourning Dove (Lower Right): TG I got a BIG seed before you know who arrived! 
Red House Finch (Male) : TG I don't have to change these light bulbs!
Female House Finch: TG I was only running a little late!
Cam (Lone Female Cardinal): TG  At Least Litle Finch Listens To Me!
Mourning Dove: TG For My Wings!

Dark-eyed Junco: TG for crumbs that fall to the floor!
 (I'm a ground feeder!)

White-throated Sparrrow: TG for crumbs that fall to the floor!
(I'm a ground feeder too!)

Male Cardinal (Cam's beau?): TG for crumbs that fall to the floor!
(I'm also a ground feeder!)

Cam (Lone Female Cardinal): TG I'm free to think my thoughts!

My visiting birds hope you enjoyed seeing our various reasons to be thankful and we have much more we could include and perhaps we will at some other point in time, but for now we will leave you with these selections and a wish that you and yours find much to be thankful for, especially as the holiday seasons approach!

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