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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"If it's Tuesday, it must be tumblr . . . " Week No. 37

Yowzers! As if the on-going sound of jackhammers and constant "buzzing" of other construction equipment being used to reconstruct an entire building a few doors west of me was not enough to make me plug my ears, one of my visiting blue jays tapped his blue tootsies on the arm of my bouncer until I looked up to see what he wanted.

Thankfully his "noise" is not as bad a sound as finger nails on a chalk, board but the bird did want to get my attention and this time it was not for food! As it happens, he wanted to make sure that I did not indulge in a diversion this Tuesday here on Blogger (which has been my tendency these past few Tuesdays) but, instead, send you directly to tumblr, for, after all, he's been around long enough to know, if its Tuesday in TLLG  land, it must be tumblr

And just why is this blue jay so eager for you to get to tumblr? Well, he's no bird brain! He knows fully well he's been featured a number of times on TLLG's tumblr venue; so, without further ado, the link to take you to my tumblr pages can be found by clicking here.

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