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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"If it's Tuesday, it must be tumblr . . . " Week No. 33 + also in Honor of Charlie Brown...

Today is Tuesday, so in TLLG's cyber venues, it must be tumblr! But it is also October the second, and, therefore, the anniversary, of the Charlie Brown comic strip, which is one of my faves (as evidenced by my previous posts here on Blogger), even though the strip debuted in 1950 — long before I was born!

Subsequently, in 1967, Woodstock was introduced by the strip's creator, Charles Schultz, a man I have admired here in cyber-space as well as "real life!"

It has been said that Charlie Brown was a character who was "possessed of endless determination and hope, but who is ultimately dominated by his insecurities . . . "

Like Charlie Brown, I was a child who was "possessed of endless determination and hope," in spite of being born with Neurofibromatosis Type-One as well as an unrelated condition of Legal Blindness, and like Charlie Brown, I tended to be dominated by (my) insecurities . . . "  

This is not to say that I have not experienced extreme discouragement; rather, it probably has something to with the fact that my suname, Youngquist, translates into an ability to survive under any condition — a fact that I've put to the test far too often!

In any event, the intention of this entry is not to focus on my life, but rather to honor the anniversary of the Charlie Brown comic strip, with a thank you for its addition of Woodstock, Schultz's beloved bird as described in the You Tube video which I've posted below: 

The birds who visit my rooftop garden in NYC and often remind me of Woodstock, as evident in the following images which could have easily been "narrated" by Woodstock!

My Visiting Red House Finches Discuss the Facts of Life!
Cam (my visiting cardinal) and star of one of my Virtual Stories)
Looks for her Comrade's' Contact Lens!
Visiting Blue Jay Does Callisthenics in the "Home" of my 'Tamukeyama'!
One of "my" Visiting Mourning Doves Uses "my" Kiwi Vine as a Launching Pad! 
A Sweet Visiting House Finch
Stands Guard Over Bird "Nibblies" in my urban garden!
And, with these photo-ops, dear reader (which I apprecite your letting me indulge in), I'll now "send" you to tumblr!

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