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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Last Friday in September

Today is the last Friday in September and what a month it has been for the things that live in (and visit) my terrace garden! For, as those of you who follow me here on Blogger (or on TLLG's Facebook Page Pinterest  Boards, or tumblr) may recall, my urban (NYC) garden has been going through a major upheaval, and I’ve been quite concerned about the well being of the things I grow. Additionally, I've been a bit worried about the survival of the birds which visit my place.
These birds include Cam, a cardinal, and her entourage of house finches, mourning doves, and also, perhaps, as of this week, blue jays. Stories about these birds can be found in blog entries which I've made by here and here as well as here respectively. 
The blue jays are newcomers to my garden; and I discovered one, in a chance encounter, this past Tuesday when I was preparing for Juan V, and, as I mentioned in a tumblr post, I had no idea if I'd ever see it again! However, it appears it has returned (although at this time I have no way of telling if it's the same one); and that it has brought along a camera-shy friend — as evidenced by an image of the two of them sitting in my  Acer palmatum var. dissectum ‘Tamukeyama’ (Japanese Maple)’s container, an image I've posted at the top of today's blog entry.
This wonderful tree was also visited by Cam this morning, which I am considering a mini miracle, because I was not sure if I'd her see her again! I actually prayed for her safety, as  a result of yet another trauma to my garden: a trauma which occurred after the "renovation" was "completed," and after Juan V and I had put most everything back where it needed to be. 

If you'd like to read about this latest upset in my garden, which was the result of an accident in my hood, you may read about by clicking here.

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