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Friday, August 31, 2012

HEY JUST WAIT A MINUTE! It's NOT QUITE TIME to "Say Good-Bye to the Summer!"

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It is the last day of August, and the start of the Labor Day week-end in the United States. Many folks here seem to consider this the end of summer; but in fact summer does not "officially" end until September 21, 2012, which is three weeks from today! I never understand why folks rush life. In winter, I find many folks can't wait for spring; in spring those same folks can't wait for summer; then, at the end of August, they say, summer's over.

And, indeed, in terms of full "amenities" (restrooms, life guards, concession stands) at the beach, summer will be over with the end of Labor Day, but the ocean will still remain, as will many days filled with beautiful weather to visit her!

Yet I feel caught up in the frenzy and the pressure to cram everything I can into this Labor Day week-end; even "my" visiting finch seems to be rushing things, as evident in the photo-op he "allowed" me to snap of him as he flew in for a quick bite to eat in my urban garden!


  1. I understand what you're saying, but to be perfectly honest, I'm one of those people who is happy to say goodbye to summer. I don't wish for the end of any other season; I'm happy to enjoy spring, and I adore fall and winter. But I basically only tolerate summer. I hate being hot. Too many days of sun feel oppressive to me (though I guess that hasn't been an issue this particular summer for those of us in the Northeast!) I like rainy days, but mostly, sunny weather in the summer just means more heat, and more heat means I'm going to be exhausted. Even today - I had a lovely day out watching vintage cars on a racetrack, eating a picnic lunch, taking pictures, having a nice dinner at a lively local restaurant. It was hot, but we had shade and a breeze so it was more comfortable than we would have thought.'s 9:30 and my head hurts and I am about to go to bed because even when I'm having a nice time, summer activities EXHAUST me. It's not getting tired; it's getting enervated.

    On the other hand, crisp cold air in fall and winter are invigorating to me. I love the hushed sounds of winter, too. Summer is so loud - everyone out playing, doing lawn work, riding their motorcyles...if I wanted that much activity around me, I would move back to a city. I live where I do because I want a little peace and quiet, and I rarely get that in the summer.

    I know, I know. If I were standing in front of you saying all this, you might be looking at me like I have three heads or something. Most people think I'm a bit of a freak because we winter-loving people seem to be few and far between. But there you have it. My secret is out :)

  2. First of all, before I forget, is that a new gravatar? It's great! As for your comment, Leonore, none of the things which I grow in my garden, nor the birds that visit it, would consider you a freak! In fact, we greeted last September with very mixed emotions about saying goodbye to the summer @
    You write SO well that it was a treat to read your comment, I felt as if I was with you and your pals when you described your "activities," and I learned a new word (enervated)!
    BTW, your "winter-loving" secret is safe with me! I still hope (if I do move forward on my Name Tag Project) that your great quotes (re "Don't Wear It Out" post) will be a part of my Virtual Stories (garden themed movies).

  3. The gravatar actually isn't new, but instead is the result of me logging in with my wordpress account rather than my google account like I usually do. I was (and am again) commenting from a different computer and I am already logged in with a different google account, so it's just me being lazy and not wanting to log out of one account and into another one!

    I'm glad you guys don't think I'm a freak! :)

  4. It's true. People are always rushing things. The older I get, the more I enjoy living in the moment.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to read TLLG's Blog and also to comment, Grace! I think it's a shame that everything is rushed, because what's the hurry? To be six feet under? But it always seems the passing of time is on fast forward after August! Before you know it, Christmas and Chanukah decorations will be in stores! However, as Simon and Garfunkel once sang, "Slow, down, your movin' too fast, got to make the morning last . . . "

    In spite of those lyrics, I particularly feel pressured at the onset of November as I discussed here on blogger last fall @

  6. I would never think you as lazy, Leonore, but whatever happened the gravatar that appears here looks great.


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