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Friday, August 24, 2012

Another Year Older and Deeper in Debt

The image accompanying today's posting may look familiar to some of you as I posted it last year on TLLG's Blogger Pages in a post about the "appearance" of mushrooms in my urban garden.

This picture was taken on my fifth birthday, and I'm including it today as it's my birthday. I was born on my maternal grandparents' anniversary, and since I am their first grandchild, they would often say that I was their anniversary gift; but, if truth be told, they were my best birthday present, and are what gave me, at an early age, an appreciation for the elderly, which is the driving force in my project on indiegogo.

And with that I'll end for the day, as at "press" time on Blogger, I'm distracted with the news of a shooting today near the Empire State Building and can hear media helicopters buzzing all around!


  1. Thanks it was OK, now if only SOME of my wishes could come true! BTW, when is your birthday, Leonore?

  2. "A fish girl", eh? No wonder I enjoy your writing SOOO much Leonore! My sister is a "fish girl" too, and I've referred to her a number of times here on blogger beginning with a short "blurb" style post @


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