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Friday, June 8, 2012

My First Comic Strip! A Fagus sylvatica's (Beech Tree) Romantic Evening

Patricia Youngquist uses words and images to tell stories about her passions. Based in New York, she currently is authoring a series of nature books on birds of the city. Now in Apple’s iBooks store @

As anyone who has followed my blog can surmise, I "love" the comics! This is evidenced by my including strips from Dagwood's antics (from the comic strip Blondie); as well as Snoopy's observations (from Charles Schultz's Peanuts; and the beloved animal tales found in Patrick McDonnell's Mutts; in various posts here on TLLG.

I particularly enjoy the human traits, feelings and habits that Schultz attributed to Snoopy as well as Woodstock; and, McDonnell does this frequently in his cast of characters which include Earl, Mooch, Guard Dog, Woofie, and Shtinky Puddin'.

So, what's a comic-strip loving gardener, such as yours truly (who has little talent for drawing), to do when she observes emotions and human characteristics in the things she grows?

My solution is to create a photo-based comic strip such as the one posted here that tells the tale of a Fagus sylvatica's night on the town. The Fagus sylvatica is a beautiful tree which grows in my urban (NYC) container garden, and its awesome leaves were the inspiration for my first photo-based comic strip. If you'd like to read more about my Fagus sylvatica, (AKA Beech Tree)please click here to find related posts seen here on TLLG and click here as well as here for related entries on tumblr. 

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