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Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Come, Tip Toe Through the Tulips with ME" : Remembering Tiny Tim (4-12-32- 11-30 -96)

Hello, I am one of the Kaufmanniana tulips, a tulip family that was discussed here on this blog, The Last Leaf Gardener, nearly one month ago!

I'm posting this entry on behalf of Patricia Youngquist, AKA, The Last Leaf Gardener, and I can attest to the fact that her absence from cyberspace is NOT because she has been tip-toeing through the tulips, but rather it is because she has had major "mother-board" issues with her "beloved" Mac Book Pro, and therefore unable to blog here or on NYBG's (New York Botanical Gardens) tumblr (where she has appeared on a regular basis), nor has she been able to contribute to Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, which are venues that she is active in on a consistent basis!

While my gardener, Patricia Youngquist has been dealing with Apple Care for her Mac Book Pro, other tulip famlies have been joining me in her urban (NYC) terrace garden. These tulip families include the ones from Curly Sue, Snow Parrot, Tulipa Parrot Blumex, and Tulipia Tarda.

Even though I am proud to be a Kaufmanniana, I must concede that these other tulip varieties are awesome, as you will undoubtedly surmise from selections of  their respective photo-ops which are posted below:

Curly Sue

Snow Parrot

Tulipa Parrot Blumex

Tulipia Tarda
ALL of us tulips are so happy to not only be included in the first blog entry since our gardener's (Youngquist) recovery from her Mac Book Pro crash, but we have also been included in a movie that pays homage to Tiny Tim, a singer who was born eighty years ago today, a singer who LOVED tulips, please click here to see a movie (virtual story) featuring his infamous song as well as us tulips, which has now been included in Youngquist's (The Last Leaf Gardener) Vimeo Library!

AND with that, I, a Kaufmanniana Tulip, assure you that Youngquist will be back to her blogging here on TLLG as well as nybg's tumblr and she will be back to posting on TLLG Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! Having said this, as a tulip, after hearing my gardener's angst, I have no interest in learning the computer!

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