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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GUEST POST NEWS & OF COURSE, "If it's Tuesday, it must be . . ." tumblr. Week Fourteen

Today is Tuesday so you know that it must be tumblr, and you can get there by clicking here. Meanwhile, I bit the winterizing bullet with Juan V, so this posting is a bit later than is my usual standard. Wrapping some of the smaller plants (such as this Tulipa Kaufmanniana pictured above), was like bundling up a toddler in a puffy jacket. We had over eighty containers that provide homes to my herbs, salad greens, succulents, vines, plants, flowers, grasses, shrubs as well as my trees, to prepare for their NYC seasonal winter nap, and we dressed each one in layers of bubble wrap and burlap (from on-line fabrics) before tying them with a "sash" of jute. I will post more about our antics and hopefully share some pointers later this week.

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