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Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Follow Up

As those of you who follow my blog know, ever since October 21, 2011, I have designated Friday as a day to follow-up on topics which have been mentioned here on TLLG.

Perhaps because I am a writer, and a reader of novels, plays, and short stories, I appreciate continuity, and therefore want to practice it; or perhaps it's just my continuing to be influenced by Dagwood, a comic strip hero, seen in the strip posted above today's blog entry, and a character whom I've referred to in a number of blog entries on TLLG. You may refer to the aforementioned entries by clicking here and here, as well as here and here, and here plus here.

In any event, from the strip posted above, you can see Dagwood's follow up on Thanksgiving, and I posted my thoughts on pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, and post Thanksgiving last week, which seems like an eternity ago. This is partly because there is no evidence, that Thanksgiving has occurred physically in New York City, where I live. The "normal" Black Friday hoopla encroached upon Thanksgiving Day by having stores open that night, and, on Black Friday itself, there was tree lighting ceremony at the South Street Seaport.

And, as I mentioned yesterday on TLLG, one of the events in NYC on the Monday after Thanksgiving was a tree lighting at Lincoln Center, and on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center took place. Additionally, there were several other tree lighting ceremonies throughout New York City, but yours truly did not attend any of them. Not only are the crowds overwhelming, but the rushing of time is something I need to pull back from as it is already a struggle to live in the present moment.

After all, this is only Advent Season. Christmas Day is still twenty-three days away, Kwanzaa does nor begin for twenty-four days, and the celebration of Chanukah does not begin until nineteen days from now. Yet, as a designer of greeting cards that go beyond communication, invitations that preserve a moment in time, and event program covers that enhance any occasion, I have to be in the holiday mode before they arrive, so I confess, dear reader, that, to get in the 'swing of things",  a good friend of mine and I walked to Rockefeller Center this evening to view this year's lit Christmas tree.

However, the crowds were so thick we did not opt to view it from the Fifth Avenue (main) entrance, but, instead got a glimpse of the tree's "profile, a side-view from Fifty-First (between Fifth and Sixth Avenue) Street. The best photo op that I could take (given the magnitude of the crowds) can be seen below:

Another thing that I wanted to follow up on today is my new logo, pictured below, 

and which has been in the upper-left hand corner of my blog in the "About this blog & me" field since November 22, 2011. As you may recall, dear reader, I have used various profile pictures since the onset of this blog, and if you'd like to see prior blog entries on TLLG that discuss my use of "profile"pictures, please click here and here. Today's follow-up on this is to confirm that this logo is here to stay and to thank Christina and Corren for helping me to create it.

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