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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday's Wisdom: "Ladies and Yams "

Like my "friend" Dagwood (whom I have referred to in previous blog entries on TLLG that you may refer to by clicking here as well as here and here and here), I have a hard time concentrating around the Thanksgiving holidays, but my reasoning is not because of the food that's involved as I actually don't like Thanksgiving fare: I don't eat meat, and the other traditional foods honoring the day are too heavy for my tastes; however, my food preferences are neither here nor there as far as this blog goes.

The distractions I "suffer" from during this time of year are involved in my attempts to hang on to the present moment, and just as Dagwood is "somewhere else" when he "should" be present for his meeting, I, too find myself somewhere else mentally other than where I am physically.
will spare you the specifics, as they are not as important as the "problem" which occurs for me at this time. For one thing, this blog is not a play-by-play of my comings and goings; and, for another, I am certain I am not alone in my experiencing this "at-the-airport-when-the-ship-comes-in" syndrome; so, for those of you out there who have similar feelings, all I can offer is my reassurance that you are not alone, and to wish you blessed "in the moment days" as we move towards hectic holidays. 

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