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Saturday, October 8, 2011

On the Advice of Bobby McFerrin: "BEE Happy!"

I still continue to be mesmerized by the bees that have been enjoying the Hyssop which is planted in my urban terrace garden. While this image shows a single bee, I have many bees, busy at doing what they do, and they are a thrill to behold. However, I must confess that sometimes I feel like a voyeur when I am watching them, even if it is from behind the barrier of a view-finder.

I have joked with friends that I have "religious bees" because their primary focus seems to be my Hyssop plants as evidenced in the photograph posted in the right-hand corner.

Hyssop is referred to in both the old and new testament of the Bible. There are many articles about this fact already out there in cyber-space, and so I won't go into that within this blog entry — if you find this fact interesting, you may refer (for starters) to a link by clicking here.

As for "my visiting bees" and their relationship to my urban terrace garden, they, on rare occasion, stray from the Hyssop to "mix ingredients" with the other things which I grow in my garden such as my roses (as seen below). 

Plus from time to time, as if they were fine chefs, they dabble in the tiniest bit of "ingredients" from my Lavandula angustifolia (English Lavender), as well as Echinacea (which you may recall from a previous post that can be referred to by clicking here), and they have even been seen "indulging in" my Japanese Larch  AKA Larix Kaempferi: such gluttons my visiting bees!

I can't help but wonder where they are going with all the "stuff" that they are gathering from my garden. I assume that someone in my "hood" is a beekeeper, and I think it would be nice if "my visiting" bees, when transporting "ingredients " from the garden of yours truly, would take a note with them to let the beekeeper know where all the "goods" are coming from! It would be great if if beekeepers could put a chip on them such as owners of cats and dogs do with their respective pets . . . 

Hmmm, maybe I can think of a way to send a "signal" with the "goods" to the beekeeper, but, for now, I'll just enjoy them, and be reminded of the songster Bobby Mcferrin and his song, Don't Worry Be HappyOr was that "bee" happy? 

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