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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Echinacea Plant Agrees With Coco Chanel! "Vous pouvez porter blanc toute l' année!"

Yesterday, which was Labor Day, one of my Echinacea plants got into a heated discussion with the other herbs, plants, flowers, vines, shrubs and trees, all of which I grow in my terrace garden

The topic of their controversy? 

The issue of wearing white after Labor Day. Their discussion was apparently brought on by all of them recalling an old news broadcast, which centered around the image posted below: if you would like to refer to this story please click here.

I have three varieties of Echinacea in my urban terrace garden: Harvest Moon, White Swan and Purpea, all of which they are pictured (respectively) below. It probably does not take too much guess work to figure out which one of these three varieties had the most vested interest in the subject.

If you surmised that it was my White Swan, dear reader, you are correct. It even compared itself to Coco Chanelby reiterating her quote, "Vous pouvez porter blanc toute l' année!"

Ms. Chanel can be seen in the photograph below in one of her signature white suits. Further information regarding Ms. Chanel, and this "wearing white issue", as well as information on the image included in this post, can be found at this link as well as this link.

In any event, as for the "wearing-of-white-after-labor-day" controversy amongst the things which I grow in my terrace garden, it continues.

One of my vines, my Sweet Autumn Clematis, like my White Swan Echinacea, wears white after Labor Day. In fact its little white flowers are just beginning to bud (which you may recall from my blog entry this past Saturday and that you may refer to by clicking here).

My Sweet Autumn Clematis, (which as you may remember from my previous posts) is planted in a large container on the "floor" of my terrace; from there it climbs up a small trellis; then it "hops" up on to more than a dozen trivets, which are adhered to the brick wall on the north side of my garden.

These trivets were installed by Juan V in spring of 2010 as seen in the image below taken at that time...

... and subsequently, the Sweet Autumn Clematis throughly enjoyed hopping on them as seen in the image below, taken at the end of last September — and, as you can see, the wearing of white was not one of their concerns.

If these images look familiar to you, dear reader, you are very observant! They appeared in 2010 blog posts where I wrote about both of these occurrences last year; and if you would like to refer to either one of them, you may click here  for the May 2010 "installation" post and here for the entry regarding the blooming Autumn Clematis last September.

Additionally, the growth cycle of my Sweet Autumn Clematis is discussed in my first garden-themed movie, The Kiwi Speaks! Fifteen Minutes of Fame .  .  . almost. (For details regarding this movie, please click on this link).

As for this 2011 September, my Sweet Autumn Clematis is still no slave to fashion protocol; it is already Labor Day, and she is only just now about to give birth to hundreds and hundreds of little white flowers, as evidenced by the photographs (taken in the wee hours of the morning, yesterday, Labor Day) posted below.

The bulbs from the newly installed string lights are included in the image to give you a sense of scale in your imanging the Sweet Autumn Clematis's flower's size, and the following image is what the portion of the vine featured in the four images posted above are looking at.

Unfortunately, their view is mostly of air-conditioners within the windows of the building across the court-yard. However, I am certain that the folks whose windows face my Sweet Autumn Clematis will appreciate its flowers — even if they are "wearing white" after Labor Day.

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