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Saturday, September 24, 2011

. . . and so now we've got to say goodbye TO the summer . . .

The title ". . .  and so we've got to say goodbye TO the summer", for today's blog post, is not a misprint, for I am well aware of the Brian Hyland lyrics, to the "Bobby Vinton classic", Sealed With A Kiss, are, " . . . and so we've got to say goodbye FOR the summer"; however, since today is the second day of autumn and the last Saturday of September, it seems appropriate to put a spin on the lyrics.

Perhaps, my tendency to put a spin on lyrics comes from my departed father who often did this with a number of songs as discussed in a previous post which you may refer to by clicking here

His "spin" on Hyland's song was, ". . . and so we've got to say goodbye to the plumber."
In any event, we are at that time of year when summer has "officially" passed and autumn reigns. During the early days of autumn, summer attempts to still rule, at least in my urban terrace garden, as well as for other creatures such as those that "star" in Mutts

As many of my readers know I am a Mutts (the name of the comic strips included in today's blog entry) fan. This can be seen in previous posts by clicking here as well as here; and so, for me, it is only natural to include them, as I express a few thoughts on the transition from summer to fall on this second day of 2011's autumn. I see a relationship between the comic strip character posted directly above (the one wearing the inner tube) expressing that he feels "ridiculous" and the things' (which I grow in my terrace garden) attitude towards the seasonal transition. They seem — for the most part — to take life as it comes and are uninhibited by any "rules" of  the passing seasons. I don't think that they'd feel badly if they got caught wearing an inner tube after the autumn equinox , which occurred yesterday a little after five o'clock in the morning.

For example, my White Swan Echinacea, like CoCo Chanel, is not one to be dictated by the longstanding fashion rule of not wearing white after labor day (as mentioned in a previous post which you may refer to by clicking here). 

Even now, though summer is "officially over", my White Swan Echinacea still continues to thrive in its container, enjoying life, wearing white as it pleases. This can be seen in the photograph posted below:

However, as you can see, dear reader, one of the members of the White Swan Echinacea family members has succumbed to the pressures of fall and has turned an amber and brown color as seen in the image posted above and below. I hope it did not feel "ridiculous" as my "friend" in the Mutts comic strip did when caught with a beach ball after autumn began!

The pressure to give up the inner-tube-phenomenon is not only with my White Swan Echinacea, but it is happening with some of the other things which I grow in my terrace garden. My Salvia offcinalis (Tri-Colour Sage), and Cardinal Climber pictured respectively below are slowly beginning to change their summer colors for autumn hues,and my mentioning the latter reminds me that I should harvest it soon, since its culinary use is prime at this moment.

The leaves of my Continus Coggygria (Smokey Bush), pictured below

are changing from pale pink tips to golden. It is fascinating to behold, the Continus Coggygria (Smokey Bush)'s response to the seasons. You may recall, dear reader, that this magnificent shrub is the subject for one of my unique single-sided petite greeting cards titled Grace (Smoke Bush) which is included in the store-front of my web-site, Patricia Youngquist Photo Art.

You may also recall that I am currently offering complimentary boxed sets of my greeting cards for any referral that brings me a booking of virtual stories or visual presentations, a new service offered by yours truly which you may also refer to on my web-site. The aforementioned complimentary offer was mentioned in previous posts which you may refer to by clicking here and here.

In the meantime, please keep in mind, that today's blog title stating, " . . . and so we've got to say goodbye TO the  summer" is by no means intended as a rule; but rather a "resolution" which happens at the changing of seasons whether you are an herb, flower, plant, vine, shrub, tree, a human being, or a cartoon character. Then again, not everyone, especially yours truly can accept the inevitable; even Mutts finds it difficult to do as seen in the comic strip posted below.

ADDENDUM: I no longer actively produce event program covers, invitations and the types of greeting cards described on my website but arrangements might be able to be made under certain circumstances.

My focus is on the Words In Our Beak book series (pictured below)whose stories are told from the point of view of Cam, a female cardinal.  

As of May 22 2018, I have rendered some images from these books into greeting cards and they are available on Fine Art America, please click here for more info.

Re my book seriesWords In Our Beak’s goal is to open readers to a simple understanding of the winged world and their environment. Set in my rooftop urban garden in New York City. Words In Our Beak is directed to children and adults who are curious about birds, and want to learn about them from a unique perspective. The books include hundreds of images of flora and fauna, links to movies, as well as to informative narratives that have been created by the author.

At this moment, May 2018, both volumes one and two are in hardcover format (as seen below) and are available wherever  books are sold.

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  1. I won't be able to get that song out of my head now! Always enjoy reading your posts.

    One Mutts fan to another

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog entry, and to comment, Leo. I know time is a precious resource, which makes your efforts most appreciated by me. I know what you mean about getting songs out of your head . . .

    And on another "note" (the non-musical kind), in New York City, where I live, many folks say' "Go METS!" — but I say "Go Mutts!" because the animation is great as well as the sentiment.

  3. I must say I quite enjoy the colours of early autumn in my garden.

  4. Autumn colors are lovely, indeed, Dave, and I am not surprised to find you enjoy them in your garden, because from what I can surmise from your blog, your garden is extra special. Seeing it in cyberspace, reinforces my desires to travel to both Wales and England, where I traveled many years ago. I truly appreciate your taking the time to "travel" to my blog and "weigh in".

  5. I enjoyed reading your blog and also the pictures you have taken of your plants. Keep writing and taking pictures. Enjoy the season.

  6. Thanks for your kind words about my blog, Amelia. I appreciate your support in encouraging me to keep writing and taking pictures. I especially enjoy writing, even though the muse and I often battle with how to get ideas out of my head.

    As for taking pictures, since I am sight challenged, it is sometimes a difficult task to photograph. Fortunately the herbs, vines, flowers, plants, shrubs and trees, which I grow in my terrace garden, and are my "main subjects" are very patient with me, perhaps it because they know how much I care for them. Then again maybe they love a photo-op! (None of them are camera shy unlike yours truly.)

    Hope you enjoy the season too, Amelia and I look forward to seeing you "soon and very soon . . . " (-;

  7. YOU ARE SUCH AN EXCELLENT AND WHIMSICAL WRITER, PATRICIA. I had such a crush on B. Hyland. He also wrote more famously, "Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny Yellow .........Bikini".
    But I remember "Sealed" ..... so vividly like it was yesterday. I was 14 yrs old and playing hooky w/my friends. We went to Coney Island at the end of the Summer (1961) and we had our transistor radios. "Sealed......." was playing and the lifeguards were dragging a young man from the rough waters and trying to revive him right in front of us. We stood there and watched as he died. So sad. The song became so sad to me then, as well.

  8. I appreciate your kind words about my writing, Donna, especially after reading your heartfelt prose delineating a poignant story about your experience with "Sealed" — what a picture you have painted words.

    Although . . . I do find it hard to believe that you, of all people, would have played hooky (-;


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