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Monday, April 4, 2011

Remembering the Japanese: What a Difference Three Months Make

Today's posting is an "extra" for this week as I usually post on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays as promised in a previous post. This posting comes one week before the one month anniversary (March 11, 2011) of the tsunami that has devastated Japan. I am posting now because three months and a little over one week ago, Masayo and Masahiro flew into New York City from Japan just to renew their vows. Their blessed day was documented in a DVD which was created and produced by yours truly, and I called it Miracle on 71st Street, because on the day that they had scheduled to renew their vows — December 26th 2010, New York experienced a huge snowstorm that nearly paralyzed the city. Many New Yorkers were unable to get around the city, and they made their complaints known, but I am told Masayo loved the snow, so I incorporated it into her renewal of vows DVD. This DVD like the memorial DVD that I created for a friend (whose close friend died last year), is very personal; capturing a moment in a unique way. I have posted a snippet of it above, however, you can watch a trailer of this DVD by clicking here.

The perils of the December 26th 2010 snowstorm pale, pale, pale, in comparison with the devastation in Masayo's home country, Japan, and has brought great sorrow to such a lovely woman, who just three months ago was filled with joy. The destruction in Japan has been felt by many persons, myself included, leaving folks at a loss of what to do to help in these troubled times. I have suggested in a previous post that if people can't help directly due to their limited  material resources or time, they can help by doing good works for the people they know that are dear (and not so dear) to them.

With today's post (a week before the one month anniversary of the tragedy in Japan), and accompanying film snippet, I want to announce my plan to donate a percentage of any fees that I earn from compiling wedding DVDs for my clients (from this day forward) to a charity that Masayo recommends (and put it in the client's name). I will announce details as soon as I have the information.

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