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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In like a lamb . . .

Approximately a month ago I posted an entry about the fact that  Chuck and Phil, the famous groundhogs of the northeast, were in agreement that an early spring was in the works. However, the weather since that time has been very cold.

At least today, the first of March (which is coming in like a lamb so may go out like a lion, delaying spring), brings the promise that there will soon be more daylight. (Daylight Savings Time begins in twelve days on March 13th 2011). 

I am still not ready to unwrap the shrubs and trees that we wrapped in bubble-wrap as well as burlap (from on-line fabrics) this past December (as seen in the photo posted above this entry taken at that time) to prepare them for winter and will probably not do so until April — even if Spring Fever attacks. I have learned the hard way about the consequences of having an eager-beaver-green-thumb, and can almost be certain that other gardeners have done the same, especially after a long dreary winter.

All I can say to my urban gardener comrades is this: those that wait upon the onset of warmer temperatures renew their strength and benefit their gardens.

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