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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tree Lined Streets 2011

Orphaned Christmas trees fill the streets of New York City at this time, giving a new meaning to the phrase "tree-lined streets" and it is a sad sight. The photographs posted above are just a tiny fraction of this occurrence. I am including this fact in my blog because, as a gardener, I want to remind my green-thumb followers that one small consolation is that abandoned Christmas trees can easily be turned into mulch (for free) at various facilities, and you can go on-line to find the center nearest you. As for me, I only mulch once a year, every December before the onset of winter, but if you mulch frequently or have a larger area in which you garden, you might find these centers meet your needs.


  1. I always feel kinda bad when I buy a Christmas tree. Seems like such a waste. I bring it in my home just to witness it die. That's why I keep mine till July!


  2. Thanks for your post and pictures. Hopefully the Dept. of Sanitation picked up those trees for mulching as part of curbside recycling of Christmas Trees program, which is in addition to two "mulchfests" it hosts. Today was apparently the last day of the curbside program.


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